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Serbia is one of Europe's most culturally diverse countries. It is located at the crossroad between East and West. The borders between large empires ran through the territory of today's Serbia for centuries and due to its strategically important location, many battles were fought on its territory. Serbia's culture has traces of influence of all the people that have lived or ruled on its soil, from Romans to those who belonged to the Byzantine, Ottoman or Austrian-Hungarian Empire and many others that found their home here, through migration as the Slav tribes did. 17 Roman Emperors were born on the territory of Serbia, including Constantin the Great. Therefore, Serbia has so many different styles in architecture, so the north of the country is more "Central European", while the south is more "Oriental". Majority of the population are Orthodox Christians with their own national church - the Serbian Orthodox Church. Both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets are in use, as a result of Eastern and Western influences. Serbia is a land of mixed landscapes, from fertile plains in the north, through the hilly green central parts to the big mountain ranges in the west and southeast. Along with that Serbia's navigable rivers, waterfalls and natural lakes make it an attractive holiday destination for relaxation and enjoying in nature. In addition to beautiful nature and rich cultural and historical heritage, tasteful Serbian dishes, traditional food and warm hospitality of Serbian people will certainly make your travel experience to Serbia an unforgettable one!