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The top of Belgrade - Avala Mountain

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Drive to the Avala Mountain and visit to the Monument of the Unknown Hero - the greatest symbol of Free Masons presence in Belgrade. The whole medieval fortress of Žrnov was demolished so that Masons could show their power and they built, what many consider, one of the greatest monuments in the world of Masonry. In this place the Germans buried one of the soldiers and placed a cross with the inscription "The unknown Serbian soldier" in 1915. The construction of the Monument of the Unknown Hero was initiated by King Aleksandar I, who was considered to be member of the Masonic order. The monument was officially the memorial to the victims of the World War I

Visit to the Avala Tower, and tour of the lookout at 180 meters above ground, where the tower is. Here you can see the whole Belgrade and its surroundings. During favourable weather conditions, you can see almost half of Serbia from the lookout.

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