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Pick up from the hotel or meeting at the appointed place. 

Drive through Kneza Milosa street where all the governmental buildings are situated. 

Tour of the centre of Belgrade and its oldest squares: Square of Nikola Pašić, where The National Assembly and the Belgrade City Assembly are situated, which are among the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade, Terazije square and Terazije fountain. We pass by the Republic square, National Museum and the National Theatre and drive through the old quarter of Belgrade – Dorcol. The road leads under the walls of Belgrade fortress, Nebojsa Tower and through Sava Mala along the river banks. 

Drive over Branko’s bridge to New Belgrade, modern part of the city built after the Second World War where most of the luxury hotels and headquarters of the international companies are situated as well as the largest shopping center – Usce shopping center, Belgrade Arena and congress and events center Sava. 

We continue our tour over the Gazela bridge towards the exclusive part of Belgrade called Dedinje. Visit to Tito’s „House of Flowers“.It was built in 1975 as a winter garden with work and leisure space for Josip Broz, close to his Residence.  In accordance with his wishes, Tito’s body was interred in the central flower garden in 1980. On display in the House of Flowers are local batons presented as gifts by members of the Pioneer youth organization and by various other youth, social and political organizations. 

We drive pass the largest football stadiums in Serbia – Red Star FC and Partisan FC stadium. 

Our next stop is at the largest active Orthodox temple in the world - the Temple of Saint Sava. It was built on the hill which is believed to be the place where Sinan Paša burned the remains of Saint Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, in 1595. 

We then proceed further with Slavija square, through King Milan’s street passing by the Yugoslavian Drama Theatre and one of the oldest and most famous hotels in Belgrade – Moskva. 

Walk through Knez Mihailova Street, one of the oldest and most beautiful streets in Belgrade. 

Visit to the Kalemegdan fortress and a break near the Belgrade Victor Monument. - Belgrade Fortress is a city fortress around which the present Belgrade spread and grew. It was built at the beginning of the 1st century and developed over the centuries around the Roman castrum and the Byzantine castle. Development was continued around medieval fortified capital of the Serbian Despotate (from 13th untill 15th century) and finally the Austrian-Ottoman artillery fortification. Today it is a museum of the past of Belgrade, and with Kalemegdan field it makes a unique cultural and historical site within the Kalemegdan park. 

Return to the hotel or the appointed place.