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Zlatibor & Emir Kusturica's cities

1. day Belgrade - Zlatibor 

Departure from Belgrade in early morning hours. 

Stop in Gornji Milanovac and coffee break at the Norwegian house – restaurant and a house of the Norweigan and Serbian friendship. 

Journey to village "Terzic courtyard" in the village Zlakuse - a village near Uzice known for its rural tourism, traditional way of making pottery cave and an exceptional hospitality offered to its guests. Represents a typical rural property consisting of two old Serbian houses with a garden such as a farm, the shed, dairy, well, distillery and other buildings dating from the old times. 

Arrival to Zlatibor and check in at the hotel “Konaciste Sunce” - Zlatibor is a place to visit, and experience, but in a different way than ordinary. Come, sit and eat...is the best way to describe it. This mountain in western Serbia, in addition to a favorable climate for holiday and 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, offers a wide range of extra services. The beautiful nature and a large number of tourist attractions in the surroundings provide an active and fun holiday. 

Optional lunch at the restaurant. 

Time at leisure. Overnight. 

2. day Zlatibor – Drvengrad – Mokra Gora - Visegrad – Zlatibor 


Departure from accommodation and a tour of Emir Kusturica's city - Ethno Village "Wooden Town" is located on a hill Mecavnik in Mokra Gora near the famous railway "Sargan Eight". It was founded and built by the film director Emir Kusturica. In the central part there is a church dedicated to St. Sava and the square paved with wooden blocks around which cottages are arranged like in a fairytale setting from this region. Each cottage has its own function: hotel, gallery, library, pastry, national restaurant ... 

Ride on the Sargan Eight - One of the most beautiful railways in the world, in the 20th century used to be the main connection between Europe and the Adriatic sea, from Belgrade to Dubrovnik. Famous train Cira passed through the tunnels, over the bridges and through the mountain The train nowadays operates as a tourist attraction. Steam locomotive makes its way through rocky gorges, slashes, the route of the railway line forms an unusual path in the shape of the number eight, and it is called "Sargan Eight". The railroad is long 13,5km, passes through 22 tunnels and over a dozen bridges and viaducts. 

Visit to Visegrad and Andricgrad - Visit the famous "Bridge on river Drina" - bridge-endowment of Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic, the central point of Visegrad for more than four centuries. Lunch at the local restaurant. 

Tour of a nearby complex "Andrićgrad" which originated as an idea of Emir Kusturica. It is a stone medieval city inspired by the works and characters of a Nobel award winner Ivo Andric and it's appearance combines the Renaissance with the Ottoman and Byzantin period. 

Return to Zlatibor, dinner and overnight. 

3. day Zlatibor - Belgrade 

Breakfast. Time at leisure, for a walk in the center of Zlatibor and morning coffee at the lake. 

Departure to Stopica cave – a river cave, located in the area of Zlatibor. The cave has an impressive entrance hole 35 meters wide and 18 meters high. Stopića cave is 1691.5 meters long. The cave consists of five parts: Light hall, dark hall, large lounge with hot tubs, hot tubs channel and the river channel. Although not particularly rich with cave ornaments, it has very interesting basins, which by its size and depth (some up to seven meters) differ from others in Serbia. 

Tour of the ethno village "Old Village" in Sirogojno depending on weather conditions. - Visit to the ethno village allows you to feel the spirit of past times and experience how people used to live then. The museum shows the architecture, interior design, mode of economic organization and family life of people in highland landscapes of the Dinaric region. This village has become known in the world for its famous knitters from Sirogojno which sell their wool products in the ethno village. 

Journey to the Ovcar-Kablar Spa and a visit to the monastery Blagovestenje. Lunch at the local restaurant. Passing through the gorge the road leads us back to the capital city. 

Return to Belgrade.