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Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci

Pick up from the hotel. 
Departure to Fruska Gora and Monastery Krusedol - It was founded by the family of the last Serbian ruler in Srem – Brankovic, and built between 1509 and 1514. In Krusedol, two patriarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church and King Milan Obrenović were buried. 

Tour of Sremski Karlovci – The city has been the spiritual, cultural and educational center of Serbia for over 200 years. The baroque style buildings surrounding the fountain in the town center are of immense importance to Serbian history and culture. With its two tall bell towers, the 1762 Gathering Church of St. Nicholas is a masterpiece iconostas of Serbian baroque. The Patriarchy Palace, is considered to be Vojvodina’s most remarkable 19th century building. Sremski Karlovci produces excellent wine. Its rustic cellars draw more and more visitors each year. 

Wine tasting at one of the best wine cellars in Karlovci. Time at leisure. 

Visit to the Petrovaradin fortress. It is one of the three largest European fortresses. It was built by the Austrian Empire with the aim to protect the boundaries of the Empire from the Ottomans who threatened to penetrate the Fortress. It is often called Gibraltar on Danube. From its top you can enjoy magnificent view of the city of Novi Sad. 

Tour of the center of Novi Sad. Novi Sad’s history dates back to the Bronze Age. From 17th century and under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Novi Sad flourished as cultural, educational, artistic center of Serbia. Freedom Square in the city’s center features the 19th century neo-gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral, name after the Virgin Mary. Novi Sad’s City Hall, an elegant neo-renaissance two-story structure is a replica of the Graz City Hall in Austria. It is located behind the cathedral. 

Time at leisure in Novi Sad. 

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